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The reality is
Almost no one cares
That you’re lying cold
In a ditch somewhere.
You could be ripped apart
From the inside out
And your friends would pass by
Your loudest screams & shouts.
When shackles surround you
And you’re a slave to the rain
Not one soul will soothe
The boiling blood in your veins.
And when Autumn comes
And you’ve fallen in the leaves
They’ll simply neglect you
Like you’re plagued with disease.
In the dead of Winter,
When you’re blue from the snow,
You’ll be shielded by ice
Wherever you go.
When you’re drowning in Spring,
Or the hot Summer sun,
And realize that there
Is no place to run,
I hear your shouts
And your curses and cries
I’ll feed you your truths
In this sphere full of lies.
This is for those
Who have covered their scars
And find their only home
Out under the stars.

Know that you’re not alone,
Wherever you are.

"You’re Not Alone, Wherever You Are."
— M.B. (via the-dreamer-deferred)
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